The Tyrants Cup. Who's the world's most prolific tyrant? George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Margeret Thatcher, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong & Kim Il-Sung. Who's got what it takes to win The Tyrants Cup? 

Produced by Keen City


Director / Producer / Writer - Nicholas Goulden & James Hammond


Co-producers - Barbera Healy, David Symington, Tim Gibson, Arnold Pistorious


Director of Photography - Paul Mackay


Editor - Arnold Pistorious


Costume Designer - Karen Lewis


Make-Up Designer - Jenna Chalkley


Production Co-ordinator - Charlie Wood


First Assistant Director - Ben Hopwood

Second Assistant Director - Peter Glover

Second Assistant Director - Mark Harris


Art Director - Tim Gibson

Assistant Art Director - Ben 'The Tap' Fawcett

Assistant Art Director - Dan Staniforth

Assistant Art Director - Alex Kinsella-Perks


Costume Assistant - Vana Giannoula


Make-up Artist - Sophie Watt


Third Assistant Director - Tom Allan

Third Assistant Director - Francis Wallis

Crown Third Assistant Director - Carl Rock


Second Camera Operator - Michael Kinsella-Perks

Third Camera Operator -  Irrum Kahn

Forth Camera Operator - Arnold Pistorious


Sound Designer - Andy Ward

Sound Recordist - Simon Batchelar


Prop Maker - Andrew Ellinas

Additional Weapons - Digby Milner


Colourinst - Mike Sterling


Storyboard Artist - Ben Hopwood


Caterer - Ben Keith & Jari Vlckova


Floor Runner - Bruno Loureiro 

Runner / Driver - Robbie Hawthorne


With special thanks to;

James & Tracey at The White Hart, Hampstead Norreys,

Tona Oliver & Gloria Davis at Hampstead Norreys Village Hall,

The Ealing Estate,

Hampstead Norreys Parish Council

Kim Il-Sung - Ben Fawcett


Mao Zedong - Lai-Man 'Sumo' Sung


Margaret Thatcher - Carloa Stewart


Joseph Stalin - Jon Crawley


Adolf Hitler - Andrew Goulden


George W. Bush - Robert Hider


Tony Balls - Paul Campion


Rex Lexington - Nick Goulden

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