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Substantial Risk is a miniseries of seven episodes about a case of domestic violence with a total running time of 101 minutes, commissioned by the ICCA for the ICCA Bar Course.


Our brief was to create films which had the look and feel of a film drama but which were technically accurate both in terms of language used and setting. To achieve this, we recorded real lawyers running the case and then boiled down the transcripts into a screenplay. We trained our cast in legal techniques so that, by rehearsal, everyone had a grounding in correct legal style. The end result is a series with both real dramatic power and unparalleled verisimilitude.


Below are excerpts from each of the seven episodes.


Excerpt from Episode Three.

Substantial Risk

Excerpt from Episode One.


Excerpt from Episode Two.

Sustained Assault

Excerpt from Episode Four.

The Particulars

Excerpt from Episode Five.

Complex Matters

Excerpt from Episode Six.

Between Us

Excerpt from Episode Seven.

Shouting & Swearing

Excerpt from Episode Seven.

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