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reality mine


After his brother’s act of eco-terror, family man Max must choose between fidelity and being crushed by the state.

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Max Keller - Sean Browne


Charlie Mayhew - Jye Frasca


Dan Keller - Michael Ryan


Flo Keller - Kezia Campbell


Katie Shaunessey - Lyneah Johnson


Sergeant Keele - Tommie Grabiec


Maid - Ricarda Ruff


Police Driver - Juanito Alvarez


Caretaker - Robbie Hawthorne



Executive Producer - Daron Hutt


Writer / Director - Nick Goulden


Producer - Tom Harberd


Producer - Angela Godfrey


Casting - Kristina Erdely


Co-Writer - Steve Whiteside


Production Manager - Andy Goulden

Production Assistant - Maria Laura Hanson


Director of Photography - Adam Scarth


Focus Puller - Felix Schmilinski

Focus Puller - Juan Martin

Focus Puller - JoJo Lam

Second Assistant Camera - Rufai Ajala


First Assistant Director - Mark Lacey


Third Assistant Director - Damiano Blloshmi

Runner - Clare Stimpson

Runner - Ricarda Ruff


Art Director - Katie Stamp


Costume Designer - Vicky Conte


Prosthetics - Virginia Popova


Sound Recordist - Owen Spencer


Gaffer - Pete Carrier


Walkies - Fabsound


Insurance - Performance Insurance


Camera - Carrier Media


Editor - Marco Ruffatti


Additional Editing - Chris Matthews


VFX Supervisor - James Ballard


Colour & Grade - Phil Hambi


Sound Design - John Purcell


Composer - Lee Thorpe


Legal Advisor - Ben Keith




With special thanks to:


Peter Goulden,

Annette Goulden,

Chris Matthews

George Betts, 

Mike Goulden,

Lousie Goulden, 

Oz Thakkar

Guy Fuhrer

Ben Swingler

James & Tracey at the White Hart, Hampstead Norreys

Stu Clark

Andrew Ellinas

Nic Cosenza

Stew Barnes

Pat Wintersgill

Oliver W

K Vlassis

Qubra Din

Adam Charles Green

Zara Symes

Will Goulden

Railton Matthew

Mark Hayes

Cliff Owens

The Hospital Club


Featuring the music of The Undefeated,

Used with Kind Permission.


Reality Mine could not have been made without the help and support of the following companies and organisations:

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